Drop-N-Fix Preparedness & Mitigation Plan for COVID-19

Since late January, we have been following the news of the rise of coronavirus/COVID-19 and have been creating a plan for the well-being of our customers and employees. We can assure you that we care deeply about our collective health and safety during this tough time.

We are taking extra precautions to ensure that our customers can still repair their devices safely with Drop-N-Fix.

Here are the steps we are taking at Drop-N-Fix Locations:
1. We will have UV Light Sanitizers to sterilize devices before and after repair by our technicians.
2. All devices are thoroughly cleaned with Isopropyl alcohol, including careful brush cleaning in all device ports.
3. Technicians will wear gloves throughout the device handling process.
4. We will have extra cleansing wipes and hand sanitizer placed throughout our locations.
5. Limiting customers allowed in shop lobby at same time.

We have reviewed CDC policies with all employees and implemented guidelines that instruct team members who experience cold or flu-like symptoms, or individuals who have been diagnosed through testing with COVID-19 to stay home and follow the CDC’s instructions.

We urge all of our customers to follow these healthy habits:
Wash your hands often with soap and water for at least 20 seconds.
Use alcohol-based hand sanitizer with at least 60% alcohol content.
Wash your mobile devices, tablets, keyboards, etc with alcohol wipes.
Stay home when you are sick.
Avoid contact with those who are sick.
Avoid touching your eyes, nose and mouth.
Most importantly, be diligent and stay safe.

As a family-owned company, we are committed to our business, our employees, and our customers. Thank you for your trust and patience.

From our family to yours,

Additional Info
Parts Availability Due to Supply Chain Issues in China

While our domestic suppliers were ahead of the curve and upped their inventory levels before the Chinese New Year and subsequent shut-down, we may encounter delays in parts becoming available if those factories in China do not come back online by early-April. The good news is that supply chain indicators are showing life right now and those facilities may hit their target dates for operations to resume. If we do incur delays, we will post updates as information becomes available.

Contingent Shop Operations Due to COVID-19 & Social Distancing

We are operating under our Business Continuity Plan and only essential staffing levels will be on premises during operating hours. Following the recommendations of local, state, and federal authorities, our shops will implement the following operational guidelines to help prevent the spread of COVID-19 within our community.
1. No more than 1 person allowed in shop per device needing repair.
2. Maintain a distance of approximately 6-ft from other customers.
3. Limit interactions and touching of accessories unless for purchase.
4. Restroom facilities are for staff only.
5. If necessary, all repairs will be done by appointment only.
6. If necessary, only customers with appointments will be allowed in the shop at one time.
**5 & 6 – Only implemented when strict social distancing measures are advised.

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